#Anxieteaandme Blogger Series; Meets Sophia Patel

Hey guys! This post has been the most difficult I have ever written, as it is so personal. However, mental health affects so many people, including myself. Sharing my story therefore, is a reminder that there can be a positive ending and that help is always available. This post is in collaboration with Mombie Diaries who has started a campaign called #anxieteaandme, … Continue reading #Anxieteaandme Blogger Series; Meets Sophia Patel

#Anxieteaandme Blogger Series; Meets Steffani

My Life With Anxiety I've had anxiety all of my life, I just didn't always know exactly what it was. Since I was a child, I've been terrified to throw up or hear/see others doing it. I have gotten better about this in some ways (I clean hotel rooms so I come across it from … Continue reading #Anxieteaandme Blogger Series; Meets Steffani

Get to know me

Hey everyone, i was tagged in a getting to know me post by lifemakeupstyle , thank you! Heres a bit about me... Picture of yourself   1. What is your middle name? Marie 2. Share your favourite subject in high school. Catering was always my favourite. 3. What is your favourite drink? As a self-confessed teaholic i … Continue reading Get to know me

Getting to know Mum and Dad; Interview #Nannylifemumlife

Hey! I'm Kirsty from @Nannylifemumlife. I'm wife to James and Mummy to Hunter, 16 months. I've also been a nanny for over 6 years currently nannying 3 days a week for LB4 and LG6. Returning to nannying after my 6 months maternity leave with Hunter was really difficult. I started blogging around the same time I returned to work. … Continue reading Getting to know Mum and Dad; Interview #Nannylifemumlife

Life without Mum

I don't even know where to begin writing this post, it's something I've always wanted to write about but find it hard to talk about to most people, i don't want this to sound like a sob story but it's a sad one. Growing up... Growing up i can't really remember too much about when … Continue reading Life without Mum