“I cant stop pushing” Finley’s Birth Story

When it comes to pregnancy and labour there are so many different old wives tales and “facts” (half of which are actually bullshit) but when it comes to having a baby even the second time around you want to be as prepared as you possibly can. The fact that i’d already had a baby made me think the second time around would be easier.

Again i was lucky when it comes to my pregnancy i was sick once and that was it, so yet again i had daggers off all the mothers that couldn’t move too far away from the toilet because they knew they would need it very soon. Although i did suffer a lot more with this pregnancy i had terrible pelvic girdle pain towards the end, i struggled to walk properly and the doctors were useless i was on the waiting list to see a physiotherapist, do you think i ever saw one? No i did not. You’d think that there only being 14 months between our two kids everything would stay fresh in your memory but i constantly kept thinking am i forgetting anything for the babies arrival? the thing is because we already had the essentials like a Moses basket and steriliser, we kept any nappies as soon as aria moved up a size, we started buying unisex baby grows for aria so we could also keep it for baby Phillips once she had outgrew them, we barely had to buy a thing but i still kept worrying about forgetting things.

So my due date came and went, aria was 3 days early and id read somewhere your second is supposed to come early (first load of bull i came across) Finley actually came a week late! I had contractions for about two days on and off. Its hard to remember all the facts with Finley everything is such a blur. All i really remember about the contractions were they was A LOT stronger than what i felt on aria and we actually timed them this time we didn’t want to get sent home like we did with aria so we stayed home and tried getting on with day to day things, the time finally came when i just couldn’t bare the pain any longer and i felt we had to go to the hospital ( it was much easier with aria because my waters had broken so i knew something was happening) i was in absolute agony and was struggling to walk each contraction got worse, the midwife checked me and said the words i dreaded “the contractions aren’t regular enough so you can either go home or go for a little walk and hope they get regular” so we chose to go for a walk, there was no way i was going home without my baby, i was in to much pain. She also tried inducing me because i was due to come back to the hospital the following day to be induced anyway.

After about a hour of walking and a stop in the canteen we went back to our room and i got checked again. You guessed it my contractions were still irregular, great! so we got sent home, i remember the midwives actual words to us when she sent us home.

Your contractions are still irregular so we are happy for you to go home, people tend to get things moving a lot quicker in their own home where they are more comfortable, come back down if you feel like you cant cope any more or if your contractions become regular and don’t worry the chances of you not making it to the hospital are very slim to none, there’s no way your labour is going to progress that quickly in my opinion.

Boy was she wrong…

We arrived home slightly disheartened and the contractions had been so intense that they had just completely drained me so i went up to bed and tried to nap i think i managed about half hour before i was in excruciating pain again, i texted Dan from upstairs and told him to put the bath on for me, i hoped it would ease the pain but i didn’t even manage to get in it i came downstairs and i couldn’t even sit on the sofa properly so we decided to head back down to the hospital, we had to wait for a lift though as Dan’s dad was working and couldn’t come back out of work to take us to the hospital for the second time that day. It took us a while to get me dressed anyway so it didn’t matter too much. We got in the car and was on our way Dan had to squeeze in between two car seats in our sister in laws car, she had to bring the kids with her, they had to keep covering their ears every time i had a contraction because i was screaming so much. Oscar was crying every time bless him (sorry buddy) we was nearly at the hospital and i remember saying “i feel like i’m pushing, i can’t stop” i tried my hardest but he was ready to come! we turned up at the hospital and i was screaming so much (like the mothers you see on one born every minute) that midwives just about to start their shift came running down the hill to help me, there was random people waiting to go home running to help me and someone came down from the delivery ward two stories up with a wheelchair because i was so loud, its quite nice really how people helped me even when they didn’t know me, thank you.

They got me into a room and told me i had to get on the bed, what? excuse me! I cant move i feel like the baby is halfway out!! Are they mad? anyway i managed to get on the bed with help from a lot of people! They gave me gas and air i had one puff but it was too late i was too far into labour to feel the benefits so i didn’t use it again after a few pushes he was here our prefect little boy, after only 8 minutes of pushing in the hospital he was here! I remember the midwife from earlier in the day popping her head around and saying ooo shes had him, wow you was quick! No shit!

Finley David Phillips was born at 6:55pm he was 8lb 1oz

It happened so quick i didn’t even cry, which i still get #mumguilt about but i didn’t even know what was going on unlike with Aria where i remembered every little detail i was so overwhelmed giving birth to Finley (pretty much with no pain relief) we had the

29258411_1804258939605736_5344625508375211189_nshock of our lives when we saw his ginger hair, we both have dark hair so that’s the last thing we expected but Dan’s Nan had ginger hair so that’s obviously where its come from.

He’s now almost 2 and hes a cheeky, stressy, fiery red head with such a loving side to him, he loves giving kisses, he loves his cars and football (typical boy) and we couldn’t be more proud.

Finley and Aria have had such a lovely bond from day one they love each other so much although Finley hates sharing and they do fight like any other siblings the love has always been there! 14495281_10157555838100203_7273879095275145939_n








Must have beaker for all destructive clumsy toddlers (Review)

So i’m currently confined to the bedroom with two toddlers as we are having work done on the house downstairs and Finley is an absolute nightmare and kept grabbing everything, so i thought i would make the most of the time and write up my review on the Nuby toddler sipeez – insulated cool sipper beaker.

As a mother i find we always worry about everything when it comes to parenting but one thing I always worry about is the kids drinking enough, especially in this lovely weather we are currently having (can’t see it lasting long, it is wales after all) i’m constantly scared they will become dehydrated, so i’m the mum constantly chasing the kids around trying to encourage them to drink. I always worry with beakers with straws because Finley’s so accident prone that i’m scared he will fall and hurt the back of his throat. We’ve also tried the munchkin miracle 360 cup, which i absolutely loved at first but i found it did leak when it was thrown about (which with Finley was a lot) so i was a bit reluctant to buy another non spill cup, luckily the grandparents took the kids on a day trip and came back with the sipeez beaker for both kids. Aria had a pink one with flower & buttons design and Finley had a blue one with a robot design (you can also get a green one with trucks).



It took a bit of getting used to the same as every new beaker but the kids both eventually got it and they now both love their cups as they can do it with no problems, Finley has well and truly put the non spill aspect to the test, his cup has been bitten and thrown about a ridiculous amount of times and so far so good, no spills, result! Another reason why i love this beaker is because its actually insulated so the air gets trapped between the layers keeping the drinks cooler for longer (there’s nothing worse than when your drink gets warm) and this also means its easier for the kids to hold as the beaker doesn’t get too cold. The rim spout is also super soft so its great for Finley as he’s currently teething so its nice and gentle on his teeth.

Another thing i always worry about when it comes to beakers is them getting mouldy, i’m constantly searching for a bottle that hasn’t got many little

nooks and cranny’s that are near impossible to clean. The cool sipper beaker is so easy to clean the lid screws off and the spout comes out and can also be replaced when they do start to get wear and tear, its recommended to be changed every 2-3 months. Its so easy for both kids to hold too which is great some cups can be hard for both Finley and Aria to master.

All in all i am truly impressed by the cool sipper beaker and would definitely recommend. So if your children are as destructive and clumsy as mine are then head to your local supermarket and pick one up or order them on the nuby website and get a free cleaning brush and a step by step cleaning guide for only £4.99, bargain!

Video coming soon…




Taking #Anxieteaandme to the next level!

Thank you so much for your support!

I just want to start by saying how completely and utterly overwhelmed i am at how positive everyone has been to my campaign, i never thought so many people would get involved, thank you all very much! and to those of you who want to get involved check out my previous post “#anxieteaandme campaign” for more information!

We’re taking it to the next level…

As I’ve had such an amazing response to my campaign i would like to take it that one step further, i was approached by the lovely  mamaooooooh about a few different ideas but the one that stood out to me was making t shirts with #anxieteaandme printed on and giving a % of the profits to a anxiety awareness charity, so that’s what i plan on doing. I’ve contacted a few charities to try get some more information on how to get it started and i’m currently on the look out for companies that do personalised t shirts that would be willing to collaborate, so they will be coming soon, how soon i don’t know but i will keep everyone updated on my Instagram.

I need you…

I’m currently looking for other ideas too i’m thinking maybe do the same with cups/mugs so please spam me with companies that do personalised t-shirts and mugs. I’d like to create a little slogan too, something short and positive so would love some comments below! There may even be a freebie in it for the person who picks the winning quote (once we are up and running.) Who would be interested in buying a t-shirt or mug when we’re up and running?



We’ve almost got a three-nager

11218208_10155883969925203_8256477328904594959_nWhen people said that time goes so quickly when you have kids they really wasn’t lying, i never truly knew just how fast it would go. In one month we will have a 3 year old! (now that’s a scary thought) It still feels like yesterday we brought that happy little bundle of joy home from the hospital, slightly jaundiced, weighing 7lb 15oz. She was so perfect, so precious (she still is!) i remember the first few days just staring at her hoping she would open her eyes so i could have a cuddle, i didn’t want to hold her too much because i didn’t want her to get to used to being picked up. It was such an amazing feeling walking the streets with our new baby, i remember the first day we went out with her we was arguing over who would have the privilege to parade our most prized possession around.


We couldn’t wait to take her out to show her off and guess what, we didn’t see anyone at all, not one person we knew!! I also remember how when she was sleeping she would be so quiet sometimes that we would stare at her so closely to ‘check she was breathing’ we was scared to go to sleep the night we came home, what if she needed us and we was sleeping? what if she stopped breathing? what if she was too hot/cold? what if we didn’t hear her? (this is laughable now, my hearing has improved vastly since becoming a mum its like i’m superhuman sometimes!)

It scares me so much at how independent she’s getting she now feeds herself and hates us helping unless its to get the last of the coco pops floating in the milk or to get her a straw to slurp it all up. I cant say i miss the 7 months+ food jars though, i remember being petrified once that she was going to choke because they had so many bigger bits in there and i didn’t want Dan to go to work! Of course she was fine. She’s now potty trained she’s completely dry in the day she hasn’t wore a pull up in the day for a long time but we recently started putting her to bed without a nappy on, we’re so amazed at how well she’s been doing with it she’s only had one accident in one week 6/7 is absolutely amazing, yet another time she has exceeded our expectations.


She has completely irrational fears, shes scared of most things, fireworks being one! I can understand fireworks as they are very loud but she’s also scared of flies, yes that’s right flies! she screamed the house down the other day because a big fly landed on her arm, she wouldn’t move. She’s scared of Santa (in person) she was also once scared of the Christmas tree which worked in our favour while it lasted it meant that she stayed in the living room (which was a god send as this was when she was on the move.) She was once scared of peppa pigs snort, that one still baffles me to this day!

30 days, that’s all that is left until we have a three year old, only 3 weeks left in meithrin (a welsh school for those who don’t know what this is) and starting nursery in September, her school uniform has been ordered but the one thing that i cant wrap my head around most is that we’ve been parents for 3 whole years, how did we manage to get through three years as ‘grown ups’. 3 years of overflowing washing baskets, 3 years of baby bottles, nappies, wipes that we use for EVERYTHING! 3 years of arguing who’s going to feed or change the baby, who’s going to cook food, get the baby dressed. 3 years of smiles, giggles, tears (mainly from me) and tantrums and 3 years of unconditional, pure love.

Here’s to more memories, more milestones and more fun and laughter. Stay your amazing, funny, cheeky, sassy little self my beautiful little princess, mummy and daddy loves you more than you know.



One month of Mombie Diaries

So I’ve been back blogging for one month, i know its not a lot to some people but to me that’s a massive achievement. You see i’m one of those people that think of something new every couple of weeks to pass time i throw myself wholeheartedly into it and quit when i get bored or don’t see results. Like the gym for example I’ve had a membership for just over two months i loved going for the first week or two now i haven’t been in god knows how long and I’ve cancelled my membership. I also tried forever living i stuck at this a bit longer though but i was suffering badly with anxiety and approaching people on the streets about my business or messaging people day in day out pestering them to look at your products or join your business wasn’t for me (i’m in no way throwing any shade at the people who actually do this, i admire you for sticking at it and actually getting a decent income from it, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.) I started my blog a while back but didn’t do any research into it had no idea really what i was doing, i enjoyed it but wasn’t seeing any results and again my anxiety was through the roof so it fizzled out and that was that.

Time to give it a second go….

Now i started my blogging back up because i was fed up of being bored and lonely (as sad as i sound, i was in fact sad.) This time i decided to actually do some research into it and not go in blind. (I seriously recommend this if your serious about becoming a successful blogger) So today i’m going to share with you the tips and tricks I’ve picked up in my first month of being a blogger. I’m clearly in no way an expert these are just things I’ve personally picked up as i’m learning!


  1. Now the first thing i’d say to do is make a logo/banner/cover photo for all forms of social media, so that you can be recognised across all social media platforms. I use the app Canva for this (i highly recommend using this) Then pick one photo, try to use a clear well lit photo, i use a photo of me and my daughter at the moment, i think my photo makes people immediately know I’m a mother so they know what to expect. Now i’d recommend using this as your profile photo not your logo which is a mistake i made (you can still do this) personally i found that when i see a logo i automatically think its a business page, that they are selling something, not blogging.
  2. Hashtags are magic, but be sure to use the not so popular ones as your posts will just get lost in obvious hashtags. There are websites to help with this, its not as hard as it sounds. Also If you type in #mummy for example there are currently 4,719,258 posts using that hashtag so the chances of your post as a new blogger is highly unlikely but there will be suggestions below now if you was to hashtag #mummylife there’s only 480,211 people using this so you are more likely to get seen. So try go for the more obscure hashtags but don’t go too obscure because in turn nobody will see it.
  3. Now this is THE most important thing in my opinion, Engagement. Comment and like other peoples photos, videos. subscribe to their channel, retweet their tweets. Add them to your story for follow Friday. I know you want to work on your content but if you don’t do this nobody will look at your content! Lets get real your more likely to follow someone back or check out their posts if they are engaging with yours. Don’t go crazy and just add anyone and everyone though, you want to stay within your niche or you wont see posts of the people you actually really like. Encourage each other, answer questions if someones asking one, if they are commenting on your photos or video be sure to reply to them even if its just a simple “thank you”
  4. Get involved in follow loops, there are follow loops for everything. so you could join one specific to your niche. For those of you that don’t know what this is, they usually ask you to retweet the post, post your social media links in the comment and go through and follow other people. so its win, win!
  5. Collaborate with other bloggers, whether that’s in an interview, a giveaway if you run a business, a blog story about your niche, do as many of these as you can because the way i see it is you get your story published on their blog increasing your reach to more potential followers and vise versa.
  6. Don’t be so hard on yourself, celebrate every victory. Don’t start out thinking i want to get 200k followers, try thinking i want to get 50 followers then give yourself a pat on the back and increase it to 100 followers, that way you stay motivated and don’t get disheartened within a few weeks.
  7. My last and final tip is to be yourself, people will see straight through you if you try be anybody else! There’s only one of you in the world so celebrate that! People don’t want to see the same stories over and over they want whats different, whats new, they want YOU! 

I hope you’ve learn’t something from my post and i will keep you updated as i learn more, if you have any tips or tricks then please comment below or if you’ve learnt something that you didn’t know please tell me i’d love to know if  I’ve helped someone.5983842DBB20AB717E6B2422189482DF


“What is it?” Aria’s Birth Story

So I’ve just realised i haven’t actually done my own birth stories! What kind of mum blogger am i without even having them on here!


I’ve always wanted children for as long as i can remember I’ve always been the one that when family comes around with their babies i want to hold them/ feed them but at the same time was scared as they were only little tiny things and what if i dropped it? (not that i haven’t with my own kid, one of my many failures as a mother) As i got older i wanted it more and more and when i settled down after school i felt the need for a baby just intensified, things got bad in the relationship and i wasn’t happy, i left but little did i know i was already pregnant. I met my husband to be at work while i was still with my ex and we became close friends, we flirted but nothing ever happened, no matter how unhappy in a relationship, i strongly disagree with cheating but this post isn’t about my past relationships so ill cut to the chase. I got with Dan very soon after breaking up with my ex and found out i was pregnant a week into our relationship, now this is the moment i realised how amazing my partner was. I gave him the choice to leave he had no ties to me we were very newly together but he stuck around for some reason unbeknown to me. I had a pretty easy pregnancy, i had no sickness thank god! (sorry to those of you who had horrible pregnancies you probably hate me right now!) But other than the usual heartburn, back pain and a little bit of pelvic girdle pain towards the end my pregnancy was pretty straight forward.

oh shit its happening!

I started feeling pain very low down one night so i got on my birthing ball, i had a little bounce while watching TV i think we were watching my kitchen rules, our obsession at the time before it got very repetitive.  I had done my research and watched countless episodes of one born every minute so i knew to wait a while and not to just rush straight to the hospital i was so happy, the baby is finally coming! (or so i thought) it fizzled out to nothing so we went to bed. The next night the same thing happened so again i jumped on my ball hoping that this time it would come to something i had even lost some of my mucus plug earlier in the day so thought this had to be it the pain got worse it seemed to be closer together so we thought right lets go to the hospital, we grabbed out hospital bag got in the car and went thinking that the next time we walked through our front door we’d be a family of three! we’d be parents. we got to the hospital and they wrapped some sort of belt around my stomach to time my contractions and we were there till about half 2 in the morning before they sent us home as my contractions wasn’t regular enough. For gods sake, are we ever going to have this damn baby? we got home about 3am Dan had to text his boss and tell them he wouldn’t be in work that day as he was supposed to start at 6am, which was a god send really as my waters broke at about 6:30am! We headed straight to the hospital this time it was really it!! we were having a baby. They hooked me up to the monitor again to check my contractions, half hour- one hour passed they were happy and agreed i was in labour and that i could stay at the hospital. They came and checked me at around 10:30am and i was only 3cm, they advised me to get on the birthing ball. i welcomed this suggestion with open arms as id been using it at home on a regular basis, it felt welcoming like a friend. (boy was i wrong i hated that fucking thing) i started bouncing and with every bounce it hurt more and more i felt like the baby’s head was already hanging out it was so low. I gave up very quickly with the ball and tried my hardest to get undressed i wanted to wear a nighty so it would be easier when the time comes to push. i managed to get my trousers off with the help of Dan but i couldn’t get my top off i was in too much pain i felt paralysed i couldn’t move every little movement was pure agony, i was screaming at the top of my lungs. Everyone in the room was looking at me i felt so uncomfortable like my pain was an inconvenience to them i wanted to apologise to each and every one of them but i couldn’t move, i couldn’t talk!

Off to the delivery suite! Eek….

The midwife came to check me and i was now 9cm i think it was about 11:45 by this point. They took me straight to the delivery suite i felt so much more comfortable here, they also gave me gas and air, the magic stuff! I absolutely loved the gas and air it made me feel off my tits but unfortunately also made me sick quite a few times it also made me unbelievably tired i almost fell asleep more than once. The time came to push, i don’t know what it was but i was no longer scared of giving birth i just wanted this baby out! I pushed so hard into my bum like they instructed, they kept telling me how well i was doing but i didn’t believe them i wanted the baby out but i just couldn’t get the baby out i kept saying i cant do it, i cant do it. They said i was doing amazing and to keep going but after a while of pushing we didn’t seem to be getting anywhere fast and the babies heart rate was dropping so they said we’re going to have to give you a hand to get the head out they explained; its like the baby has to go round a bend to get out and every time i was pushing the head was coming down but not far enough so in between contractions it was like the baby was going back up. I had to have an episiotomy which was absolutely horrible worse than the labour itself, that little tiny cut they did without warning to my most sensitive area hurt like a bitch and i shocked myself with how loud i could actually scream. They then used a ventouse to assist me with the birth (for those that don’t know what this is its like a little suction cup they put on baby’s head.) They put my legs in the stirrups which wasn’t the most dignified look but i was desperate to get the baby out id waited long enough. After a few pushed i did it, id birthed a baby, our baby. 


Aria Marie

The wait for that cry seemed like the longest couple of seconds ever, nobody breathed. Then we heard the most beautiful sound, the first cry of our baby, the best sound. The first thing i said to Dan was “what is it?” we had chosen not to find out the sex of the baby, it didn’t matter to us. When he said it was a girl i sobbed my heart out, a really ugly snotty cry and she was placed on my chest, what a magical feeling. No one can truly know the feeling of having that first cuddle with their baby until they experience it, its indescribable. I’d secretly hoped for a girl my mother died when i was 11 and i’d always craved that mother daughter bond and there she was my beautiful little princess.

Aria Marie Richards ( now Light-Phillips, we changed it by deed poll) 7lb 15oz born at 3:34pm, 4 days early. She’s now almost 3 and starting nursery in September but she will always be my baby, I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve done. Becoming a parent isn’t easy but its the best thing in the world.11350903_10156020263160203_4714009622928672826_n



#Anxieteaandme Campaign

This blog post is a bit different from anything else I’ve done before, its something close to my heart that I feel strongly about. Please excuse my ramblings and my not so perfect post but this is a subject that i along with many others find hard to talk about openly.

A little bit about my journey….

I’m a mother of two beautiful, funny, loving but testing children but i also suffer from the surprisingly common disorder, anxiety. I was actually very surprised to find 1 in 10 people will suffer with some form of anxiety in their life (that’s a lot!!) Anxiety is a complicated disorder it’s something extremely hard to talk about and even harder to explain but today I’m going to try my very best to describe how it feels to me.

here goes….

It feels like your going crazy, your extremely paranoid and lonely, you snap at things you previously wouldn’t bat an eyelid at, you feel like the world is against you, judging you, mocking you, commenting on your appearance, your parenting skills, your hair or just on you as a person like you are not good enough to be on this earth. You have this nagging doubt in your head constantly telling you not to do things that you really want or need to do, it stops you meeting new people or sometimes even leaving the house, which in turn gives you cabin fever and sends your mind into overdrive.

You think the worst of every situation I cant tell you how many times I’ve convinced myself I’ve got breast cancer because my one boob hurts more than the other ( i know how irrational i sound but that’s part of anxiety) I’ve actually got an appointment in a few weeks to be checked (just incase) if my partner is late home from work and he hasn’t told me in advance or I’ve forgotten again i think the worst, i go through all of all the worst possible scenarios in my head, like he’s been in an accident and i go into great detail i imagine who would call me if something happened, what they would say, how I’d react, what i’d be doing, what the kids would be doing and i get that gut wrenching feeling, the knotting in my stomach the feeling like your ‘heart has dropped’.

Now anxiety can be caused by so many different things but the one that stood out to me was stress as a mother to two children, with only 14 months between them it’s fair to say a lot of my time I spend stressed and not just mentally stressed but physically stressed, my body doesn’t feel like my own some days from being pulled, prodded, bruised and just generally fatigued, the strain we put on our bodies and minds as parents is unimaginable. Then there’s the mum/dad guilt the feeling like your not good enough for your child, that you favour a child because the other is more independent, you don’t play with them enough, you don’t feed them a balanced enough diet or you don’t go out enough. All that matters to that child of yours is that you love them enough!

Going to the doctor can be a challenge I physically broke down to my doctor i felt like a school child going into the headteachers office being judged for doing something wrong, i was scared, emotional and i felt damn right stupid. The doctor soon put me at ease though and told me how perfectly normal it was and you could really see they genuinely sympathised with me which was very comforting it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, like i could handle the weight of my own body that little bit easier for the first time in a long time.  They gave me my ‘happy pills’ which I’ve seen a noticeable difference since using them. I’m still not 100% i still worry, i still stress, i still panic or feel like im not good enough but those pills help me through the day with more ease and i actually feel like i can open up about it now, i feel like i can share my thoughts and feeling and i wont get judged i wont feel like a fool! I still poo my pants a bit putting my heart on the line for everyone to see but it helps.

The Campaign…

So now you know a little about my thoughts and feelings id like to share with you my idea and I hope you all join in and show its okay to talk! I’d like raise awareness of anxiety/ depression/ PND. So I’m starting a campaign which id love to get across any and every social media platform (if possible) the more people hear about it the better you never know who it could help. I’m going to focus on Instagram to begin with as i use this the most, I’d like each and every one of you to take a selfie/ post a blog post/ share your story whether you suffer with anxiety or know anyone with anxiety or just want to help spread the world please use the hashtag #anxieteaandme and i’d love to see all of your posts so if you want to tag me in your photos i would appreciate it (mombiediaries1 across all platform) .

A bit about the hashtag…

I thought of #anxieteaandme because i feel no matter what the situation you’re in whether it be a friendly gathering, a break up, a make up, or just a chat everything is better with tea (in my opinion). So please get involved in my campaign and lets break the stigma and help each other get better or just know were not alone. Below I’ve linked some helpful websites for those unsure if they have anxiety and want to know more or for those who are not ready to share their story but need help.





Disclaimer  All information in this post is from my personal experience and may very from person to person, i am no expert just looking to spread the word. Please talk to your doctor if you have any serious concerns. Statistics may vary.

Living with anxiety is like being followed by a voice. It knows all your insecurities and uses them against you. It gets to the point when it’s the loudest voice in the room. The only one you can hear.


Here’s my Instagram if you want to join the campaign!